About us


1. Experience

Founded in 1958 by Ugo Leone and Gaetano Russo, the Leone e Ing. Russo e c srl now boasts more than half a century of experience and is still the only independent reality in Sicily, specialized in the field of welding and plasma cutting, and one of the largest company in Italy.

2. Quality

Leone e Ing. Russo e c srl has always offered high quality products, technologically advanced, and innovative service, (see below distributed enterprises), along with with an accurate and professional service for all customers. It has a fast and efficient Technical Assistance Service (SAT) , and a large stock of products for immediate shipment.

3. Constant updated training

For the updated educational training of the company’s staff, the Leone e Ing. Russo e c srl has constant support from its suppliers, who hold meetings for training at the highest level.Thanks to the constant commitment in the educational training field, the Leone e Ing. Russo e c srl is also able to offer a sales qualified assistance by using the DT technicians channels.




4      Good Business ethics

The Leone e Ing. Russo e c srl has always operated in strict compliance with professional ethics, and has therefore, only positive feedback from all customers, and no presence of litigation issues of any kind during its long experience.

5      E-commerce and social networking

The Leone e Ing. Russo e c srl is engaged in online sales through e-commerce websites, easy to use and proven security. The company is also in direct and constant contact with the customers thanks to the powerful social networking tools.

6.      Excellent international reputation

The Leone e Ing. Russo e c srl boasts positive reference from customers as well as from prestigious companies. It is moreover, distributor of well known brand names.


La Leone e ing. Russo s.r.l. is distributor:

- Hypertherm (cutting machines)
- Voestalpine Welding Group (Böhler, Avesta, Fontargen, Soudokay, UTP)
- Selco (welding machines)
- Lorch (welding machines)
- Fronius (welding machines)

-Hugong (CNC cutting Machine)
- Abicor Binzel (Mig Tig torches)
- Carpano Equipment (Welding Automation)
- Clear Welding; Tecmen (Auto darkening filters)
- Globe (abrasive disc)
- Koike (cutting)
- Hyperarc; Hypertig; Hypermig.(welding machines)
- Lansec / Jackson (Welding Helmet)

-Optrel (Welding Helmet)
- Tiesse robot

- Clamp - Rite (Manual Clamps)
- StrongHand (Welding Magnets)
- Siegmud (Welding Table)


-Bosch(Angle Grinders)
-3M(Abrasives for all application)
-Pferd(Abrasives, tools and brushes)
-Milwaukee-AEG(Angle Grinders – Battery Tools)
- Speedglas 3M (Auto darkening filters)
-Weldas(Gloves, Clothing, Head protection).

Here the summary of the six good reasons to choose our company:
1) Experience
2) Quality
3) Constant updated training
4) Good business ethics
5) E-commerce and social networking
6) Excellent International reputation


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