Services provided by us

Pre-selling service:
The Company Leone e Ing. Russo e c srl as well as and our suppliers have technicians who are able to provide comprehensive technical support when requested.
Selling services
We provide all necessary assistance during the installation and testing facilities.
Post selling services
We are glad to provide to our customers any repairing service needed, or merely technical information.
Repair services
We provide a direct repair of most of the products we sell, we also use the support of the parent companies.
Rental services
Service equipment rental
From July 1 2014, the CE marking of the products shall become binding for all manufacturers of steel structures produced in accordance with EN 1090-2. WPS certification service is provided.
Calibration service is compulsory in case in ISO standard quality system EN 729, EN 3834, and on all welding with WPS procedures, generators MIG, TIG, Electrode, Plasma WELDING, are subject to the control of the instruments on board the machine: ammeters and voltmeters, by means of a standard instrument, which in turn has been checked and certified by authorized laboratory, by means of a ‘’primary’’ tool.

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