How to pay?

How to pay?

Bank Money Transfer:

Choosing this method of payment, once you placed the order, you must follow these steps:
The bank money transfer should indicate:
  • The number and the date of the order; 
  • The name and surname of the person who placed the order.
Beneficiary: Leone e ing. Russo e c srl
Bank: Banca Unicredit agenzia di Palermo viale della libertà B
Code IBAN: IT 31 R 02008 04610 000300115802

Banking practice requires that the bank transfer be credited to the checking account of the beneficiary not earlier than 3-5 weekdays from its execution, as a result, to these days will be added in the days between the order request and the availability of funds posted to the customer’s account. After 10 days from the date of acceptance of the order without the Leone e ing. Russo e c srl having received the bank transfer credit, the bank will proceed to cancel the order.


It is an online payment system that provides the opening of an account
The purchase carried out with this type of payment will be taken to a page on the PayPal site where you can enter your e-mail address and password of your PayPal account or access to the procedure for creating a new one, alternatively, you can make the payment without registration. If we use the mode of recording after recording, you can make payments via PayPal without having to reinsert data, for subsequent purchases.
The amount is charged directly to your account by PayPal. Paypal protects the purchaser’s information. A confirmation email is sent to the customer’s account after every transaction. In case of cancellation the amount will be refunded to the customer’s PayPal account.


Cash on delivery

The payment is made to the courier upon delivery of the product purchased: 8 euros should be added for shipment and delivery. The payment has to be done only cash, no bank checks will be accepted, and the exact total amount should be given, Cash payment for an order above 500 euros will not be accepted.